Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Souvenirs & Giveaways

Events Plus Souvenirs & Giveaways

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Commitment

Events Management and Solutions
Rare events reinvented.

Our Services

On the Day Coordination
This is designed to perfectly execute and direct your event plans. We will provide all the necessary professional planning, arrangement with suppliers, and other pertinent logistics.

Shared Coordination

This provides reliable consultation services to clients who want a hands-on experience of the planning process to successfully navigate an event.

Full Coordination
This is a complete, start-to-finish service for those who consider delegating the entire conceptualization and coordination to a professional.

Other Occasions
Weddings . Debuts . Anniversaries . Wedding Engagement . Theme Parties . Birthday Parties

Other Services
Emceeing/Hosting • Scriptwriting • Program Conceptualization (Program Flow, Program Gimmicks & Highlights) • Editing (Invitations, Speeches, Invocations, Program & VTR Scripts) • Layout (Invitations, Reception Set Up) • Research (Theme Parties, Trends, Unique Event Materials) • Choreography (Cotillon De Honor, Wedding March Rehearsal, Couples’ First Dance) • Provider Sourcing (Reliable Vendors and Contractors) • Giveaways • Set Design • Floral Design

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Events Plus

Events Plus

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Our Products & Services

Here at Events Plus, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your wedding needs.

Below are sample coordination packages created for clients who needed a wedding specialist on this special day.

On-The-Day Event Coordination
(One to Two Months Before)
• Pre-event meeting with the bride and groom
• Unlimited bridal consultation starts upon booking
• Refer reliable vendors
• Require the client to turn over all the final contracts signed by them for reviews and follow-ups
• Confer with the client and the vendors on the details of the arrangement, lay-out, set-up, etc
• Instruct entourage of their duties and responsibilities. Wedding rehearsals are optional and must be scheduled in advanced.
• Provide advice to the client in dialoguing with vendors
• Ocular inspection to the ceremony reception site and coordinate with client identified suppliers
• Provide inputs; produce scripts, direct, arrange flow of reception program.
• RSVP included to guests with landline numbers only in Metro Manila
• On-The-Day Coordination is applied on three locations (Bridal Suite, Church and Reception)

Semi- Coordination
(Three to Six Months Before)
• Unlimited meetings 3 to 6 months before the wedding
• Securing suppliers and set up appointments with vendors not yet contracted
• Planning and conceptualizing of theme and motif
• Review and turnover of all contracts
• With RSVP
• With wedding rehearsal
• On-The-Day Coordination services is applied

Full Coordination
(Six Months to One Year Before)
• Securing and providing a list of venues, possible vendors and cost of each
• Booking, coordination, budgeting and costing
• On-The-Day Coordination is applied